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Apocolyptic Shoe Shiner

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To Be Reacquainted. And Massively Morose. [Jun. 26th, 2006|10:33 pm]
Apocolyptic Shoe Shiner
Hello, Livejournal. You're no longer a constant in my life. Not like the years before. Do I miss you? Perhaps. However, I feel I no longer need you. I've never needed you, per se, but I have found you amusing, devestating, annoying, insightful, and a resourceful time killer.

Such as it is now. Such as it is with practically most things nowadays. Useful technological advances for use with the human race so that they may kill time and then die. Who cares what people do with their lives if the time's flying by so fast that they never even fucking notice anyways? Goddamn clever if you ask me. Fucking genius.

Speaking of killing time, I've quite possibly found a way out of the fast food industry. And it's...not my forte', but it's money. Decent money. And it's going to save my ass or at least, that's my hope. Honestly, I'm going to probably go psychotic within the first few weeks and commit suicide but not before I take out a bunch of innocent bystanders. So, you know, I'm optimistic about it all really.

And if I get the job. . .I'm not going back to school. Maybe in the future(yeah, right), but I see no reason in furthering my education. I see no point to much anymore, really. But still, the thought of dropping out of college is both a relief and a heavy burden of sadness. I'm going to miss it and the people there. Ah, well. Fuck it anyways, it doesn't matter one bit.

We are born, raised by parents or guardians, weened to the age of 18 and then let go only to be crushed by a horrible reality that surrounds us. If we're lucky, we die early. But the bastards that live on well into their 60's, 70's, 80's, & 90's; the joke is on them. That's right. We're born, we're crushed, then we die. It doesn't matter. It's just a planet we're on anyways, right?

Told you it was going to be morose.