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Whatever, whatever. [Mar. 1st, 2007|06:22 am]
Apocolyptic Shoe Shiner
Working 3rd shift has fucked me completely. What's worse is that I only work it twice a week. Other times I work 9-5 or 2-10. And that completely fucks me up. For instance, right now it is 6:23am and I haven't gone to bed yet. I work at 2pm. I have to visit my mother at Noon. And I'm not tired. At all. I thought I'd watch a movie and fall asleep but noooooo, wide afuckingwake and I couldn't sleep if I tried.

What else? There's a fuckload of snow everywhere but not as much as those poor motherfuckers on the east coast so I'm grateful for that. I guess. I'm just happy it's not -9347589340 degrees out like it was most of the early parts of February.

I still have no car. I still have no money. And a week and a half ago I used my laundry money up on cigarettes. Then I had no smokes for two days. Then I got sick and couldn't go to work. More money gone which I really didn't have to begin with. I actually filled out about 7-8 different applications for a second job but have been turned down by pretty much all of them.

This isn't an all time low for me really. It's not an anything.

I plan on going back to school in the fall and finish up my three miserable fucking semesters so I can actually have a degree that goes along with those lovely student loans instead of the latter all by its onesy. But then again, maybe I won't go back. I'm going for a degree in English with an emphasis on creative writing. Why? I don't write anything anymore and when I did I was too picky or downtrodden to finish anything unless it was an actual graded paper for school. So why continue other than the financial obligations? I guess It's something, that's why.

Oh, bother. I should go to bed and stop thinking. Or do something to numb my senses. What was that you said, Kettel One? Could you please speak up, Jack Daniels? I'm sorry, I wasn't listening, could you say that again Kahlua?

And let me tell you something: it has been far too fucking long since I've had a conversation with any of the above mentioned or any of their lesser cousins. Far too fucking long.